Unity is an inclusive and accepting spiritual movement teaching and living principles that are life-enhancing, affirmative and practical. As you pursue your spiritual path in life we encourage you to explore the universal spiritual truths we teach, enjoy fellowship with other like-minded individuals, and know that Unity of Greater Hartford is a place of unconditional love for you and for all people.

Why Consider Membership?

  • Becoming a member is a personal, substantive step that confirms to you and the community that you are committed to giving your utmost to live the Unity way of life. It affirms a sense of commitment to personal spiritual growth, ownership of your individual beliefs and a willingness to make a difference.
  • Committing to membership is a public affirmation that says “I am proud” and “I stand tall in what I believe”; therefore, I want others to know and see what I have found.
  • Only members can participate in voting on important church matters.
  • As an inclusive member of Unity Worldwide Ministries you become a part of the growing group of people and thinkers who are consciously trying to improve the world we live in for everyone.
  • Unity of Greater Hartford offers periodic orientation classes for new members, followed by a welcoming ceremony during a Sunday morning service. Membership in Unity is not required but is encouraged as a way for an individual to commit to his or her own spiritual growth. All members are active members who attend services regularly, participate in events, invest their time in ministry, attend classes, and contribute financially to Unity of Greater Hartford.

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