Seeds of Spirit Library

A Special Giving & Receiving Library

The Seeds of Spirit Library is open on Sundays.

The library is filled with Unity and spiritual-focused used books and CDs that you will be able to take home with you!  Please consider making a monetary donation whether you take a book or CD home with you.

Here are the guidelines:

1)  Please take only one book or one CD per visit.

2) Please make a monetary donation in the blue donation box.

3) Please feel encouraged to donate any spiritual books or CDs on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings when the church is open.

The Wonder of Giving – excerpts from Spiritual Economics, Chapter 10 by Rev. Eric Butterworth:

Our purpose in life is not acquisition or getting but really about growing in our perception of our divinity – growing not so much getting. Life is a growing, unfolding experience  – it is a giving process. . .  And if there is a lack of any type in your life, something is blocking its flow. The most effective remedy for this is to GIVE! . . .  Something’s got to give and that something is you! It is my state of consciousness, my attitude. . .  The wonder of giving is the wonder of your life. Decide to be an incurable giver and you will become an incurably happy, secure, satisfied and prosperous person. You will prove and live the law of giving and receiving.

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