Sunday Celebration Service – March 3 – Your Life is Your Message

Sunday Service 10:30 am 
Unity of Greater Hartford:  In-Person, Website and Facebook

Sunday Celebration Service 
with Rev. Christine Boylan

Your Life is Your Message – The Beatitudes
This Sunday Talk series is a call to action for everyone. How is YOUR life, your message to and in the world? These three weeks before Palm Sunday we will focus on one of Jesus’ greatest teachings – the Beatitudes. Join Rev Christine as we prepare to rise up into a joyful recognition that Our Life is Our Message.

March 3 – The Spiritual Beatitudes
The Beatitudes is one of Jesus’ most spiritual teachings. Read as a literal teaching, they are confusing. Read as a spiritual message, they are inspirational and instructive. Let’s explore the spiritual meaning of the first two Beatitudes.  During the Sunday Service we will hold a dedication ceremony for our 2024 Prayer Chaplains. 
After the Sunday we will hold our monthly Potluck and Birthday Cake Sunday. 

March 10 – The Meek, the Hungry and the Merciful
As we go further into the Beatitudes, we dig deeper to rise higher. Interpreting the next three Beatitudes metaphysically, encourages us to go beyond the surface.

March 17 – The Pure of Heart, the Peacemakers and the Persecuted
Our quest for our Truth is all about letting go and embracing. The teachings of the last three Beatitudes help us lighten our burdens and assist us in embracing our Truth.
This Sunday after the Service is the Annual Meeting and Election of New Board Members.

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