Visitors’ FAQ

We’re glad you are here! If this is your first visit to our website, or if you have not yet attended a Sunday service, you may find answers to some of your questions here.

What time is your Sunday service?

Our Sunday Service is at 10:30 a.m. in our Sanctuary. If you are unable to attend in person, you can watch the livestream on our Facebook page

How long are your services?

The Sunday Service is usually around 50 minutes.

Where are you located?

919 Ellington Road (Rt. 30)
South Windsor, CT 06074
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What happens at the service?

Our Sunday Celebration Service is powerful, positive, and fun! You’ll experience great music, friendly people, and practical messages that will help you deal with the real-life issues you face during the week.

We celebrate God in an inclusive, loving, and inspiring environment. Everyone is welcomed here. Come and feel the joy of Spirit moving in, through and as you.

What happens when I am a first-time visitor?

Going anywhere for the first time can be daunting. We applaud your courage. Please feel free to dress comfortably and know that we have ample parking. When you come through the door you will be greeted warmly and handed a bulletin by someone who can provide information.  Near the end of the Service, we will welcome all visitors and provide them with an information packet. After the Service, you are invited to join us in the Community Room for some refreshments and also to visit the Giving Library. If you choose to complete an information form, we will add you to the weekly emailed newsletter and will also create a name badge for you. You honor us with your presence!

What measures are you taking to help prevent the spread of Covid?

We require face masks for anyone who is not fully vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, face masks are optional. We are blessed with a fairly new building with a great HVAC system that efficiently recirculates the air.

What do I wear?

Unity is a welcoming place with a casual environment where you can come as you are. You can wear a dress or a suit and tie, but most people dress casually. 

What denomination is Unity?

Unity of Greater Hartford is a non-denominational spiritual center where everyone is welcome. People from all religious backgrounds call Unity their spiritual home. Most people who attend describe themselves as “spiritual, not religious.” Although present-day Unity is an official religious denomination, the organization was originally founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore as spiritual support suitable for all religions and creeds. Unity is open to all persons regardless of race, nationality, or sexual orientation. People of all faiths find Unity teachings are positive, practical, and progressive. Learn more about Unity.

Do you have activities for children during your services?

At present, we include our children in our sanctuary each Sunday. As more members return to attending services in person, we expect to resume separate and special services for our children. Rev. Christine and this Unity community welcome children in the Sanctuary every Sunday with special art projects, so please join us!

How big is your congregation?

At present, we have about 75 Unity members. We average about 30 people per week in our sanctuary with another 30 participating through Facebook and another 10 watching on our website. The sanctuary is large enough to maintain social distancing for Covid-19 safety.

How do I get involved?

Our service teams have fun and make a difference — both inside and outside our walls. Check out our Sacred Service Teams for information about ways to get involved. You might also want to talk to our minister, Rev. Christine, for some advice on your right and perfect place of service.

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