Sunday, September 25: Annual Church Community Picnic and Cookie Contest

Sunday, September 25 – Noon
Nevers Park Pavilion, South Windsor

Join Us for a Great Time of Food, Friends & Fun – Sunday, September 25
Invite your family and friends to the Sunday Celebration Service at the church at 10:30 am and then relax together at the picnic at Nevers Park Pavilion in South Windsor. Plan to join us in an outdoor feast, fun Cookie Contest, great conversation, wonderful music and fun games!

Bring Food To Share
Please bring a brunch or luncheon food to share that will be able to be kept outdoors.  You may bring an entrée type of dish or a side dish of sorts. Please label your food with a title and any ingredients that may cause some concern (peanuts, shell fish, dairy, etc.) prove 

Unity Cookie Contest!
Pull out your favorite cookie recipe and get started!
No Entry Fee! Everyone gets to vote!

We will group cookies by gluten and gluten free. No store bought cookies can be entered. Please bring your cookies on a dish or in a container with your name on the underside of the dish or container. Put the name of the cookie on an index card along with any major ingredients that might cause concern. The three winners will select their gift from a selection of new books or CDs.


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